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At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we have built our practice on successful results, backed by attention to detail and a focus on meeting our clients’ needs. We put clients first in every aspect of our work. If you have been hurt by your employer, don’t get hurt again. Turn to a law firm with a proven record of effective legal representation.

In some cases, you may have no other recourse but to file a lawsuit. Certain instances in which legal action may be necessary include:

  • Your employer fired you without cause.
  • You are subjected to sexual harassment from fellow employees.
  • You were misclassified as an independent contractor.
  • Your employer denies you leave under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA).

At your free initial consult, we will discuss the individual details of your case and what we can do to make things fair.

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Employment discrimination
Including race, age, sex and all other forms of discrimination illegal under the American Civil Rights Act.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that harassment on the job is a form of illegal discrimination. Don’t put up with it.

Wage and hour disputes
Under state and federal law, employers are required to follow strict regulations regarding wages, overtime pay and proper classification as salaried or hourly compensation. If you have been cheated out of compensation you are owed, we are ready to help.

Wrongful termination and retaliation
California is a free-will employment state. That does not mean your employer has the right to fire you or retaliate against you for reasons that violate your civil rights.

“When you report to work every day, you don’t give up your civil rights. We make sure your employer honors your workplace rights in an environment free from discrimination.”
— Attorney Jay Rothman

Wrongful Termination

We understand that businesses have changing needs and they have the right to terminate employment contracts as per requirements of the business. In some cases, the poor performance or illegal actions of an employee result in employment termination. However, employers are not allowed to fire employees based on discrimination or other illegal reasons for terminating an employment contract.

Unfortunately, managers sometimes resort to finding loopholes to get rid of an employee and make it look legitimate. However, if they can’t justify the reason for termination, then it could be considered a case of wrongful termination, which is against the law.


Harassment refers to inappropriate behavior or actions toward a specific individual. At the workplace, harassment could be any activity that makes someone feel uncomfortable or unwanted. Common examples of workplace harassment include bullying, hostility, sexual harassment, verbal harassment, and cyber harassment. We have seen harassment cases that involve supervisors, peers, subordinates, or even third parties, such as clients.

Employment Discrimination

An employer in California is not allowed to discriminate against employees based on gender, religion, origin, disability, or other aspects that are not related to their work. A Los Angeles employment lawyer will tell you that discrimination can include anything from unequal pay, exclusion from coworkers, failure to grant the same benefits as other employees, or other forms of favoritism.

Wage and Hour Disputes

It is a legal requirement for an employee to receive compensation for their work. This may include overtime pay, bonuses, meals, rest breaks, or any type of compensation that is part of their employment contract. In some cases, employers resort to misclassification of employees to reduce their obligations, such as employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance. If an employer does not fulfill this obligation, their employees can file a lawsuit against them.


One of the primary reasons why some employees do not speak up against their employers or take legal action is fear of retaliation at the workplace. The employees fear being fired or given unfair treatment if they stand up for their rights by confronting the employer or taking legal action.

The law protects employees from engaging in protected activities, such as asserting their legal rights under employment laws, reporting illegal conduct or actions, and filing a complaint with a regulatory agency. It also protects employees who are participating in an investigation by law enforcement agencies at the workplace.

Whistleblower Protection

A whistleblower plays a key role in maintaining workplace integrity. Unfortunately, whistleblowers are often targeted by the employer, in the form of retaliation. The most common signs of retaliation include sudden changes in treatment or attitude, altered job responsibilities, discipline auctions, or unexplained denial of opportunities or performance evaluations.

There are several laws in the state of California that protect whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting fraud, violation of law, abuse, and threats to public safety. If you experienced backlash for whistleblowing, you may have legal recourse in terms of reinstatement if you were wrongfully terminated, back pay if you did not get proper wages, or an injunction relief to stop ongoing retaliation.

At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we have successfully represented victims of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and other employment-related disputes. You can get in touch with us to learn more about your legal options to seek justice.