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Our Clients Are Happy

Sam Z.

“I want to congratulate Jay Rothman for having Ken Myers on his team and work on my case. Ken’s dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts in pursuing justice on my behalf have made a profound impact on my life. His skillful handling of my situation has brought me a sense of relief and confidence that justice has been served. Thank you for the unwavering support and outstanding legal representation. I am truly grateful to have Ken Myers as my attorney.”

Danielle C.

“I needed an attorney when I had an issue with a previous employer. I can only say the best things about Jay Rothman. He is literally a superstar. He worked hard for me. Mr Rothman and his office staff kept me informed on every little detail that came about. I couldn’t of asked for a better attorney to help me with my case. 5+ stars are deserved. Thank you for walking me through all the Stuff that happened. You are the best.”

Sharon B.

“I contacted Jay Rothman and his team for legal assistance. Timothy Kearns effectively resolved my legal matter with his impressive knowledge, experience, and tenacity. His expertise played a crucial role in achieving a favorable outcome. Additionally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ken Meyers in the past, who also offered valuable assistance and expertise.”

Guillermo Q.

“Good day Jay,
I sincerely believe you were brought into my path by a divine power. The day you read my email and called me on that Sunday. I knew when I met you, your confidence, your professionalism, your attitude. I knew then you were the Best, and my mind and anxiety was put at ease. At the deposition, how you handled the case, it was amazing! Perry Mason would have taken notes!! And yes its a Moral example, I’ve heard from other employees of my prior employer and I think they started treating them better now, the management culture will change and everyone will be better, from this point on because of your hard work and expertise! I very highly appreciate your work and please count on any recommendations to other individuals and please use me for any referral. Thank you Sir!”

Gidget Rachel Candia Romero

“So far my experience has been very pleasant my case is not done but during this process he has been very understanding and has given me updates anytime there is new information or anytime I’ve emailed. I honestly feel like he put his 100% in his cases. So thankful for his understanding and support.”

Sal V.

“Loved this firm always kept me updated and most of all Very Professional!”

Christopher F.

“When I looked for a law firm who wasn’t afraid to take on the big guys, I found Jay S. Rothman & Associates!! They are very professional and show their compassion for helping you throughout the entire process and always have what’s in the best interest for you. Definitely a tough firm to have in your corner too back you up.”

Arvene K.

“Jay Rothman went above and beyond to make sure all my needs and request were heard and met. Would recommend them to all my friends and family when it comes to quality and efficiency hands down best Lawyer in Southern California”

Garrett O.

“I had Jay help me with a legal matter. Jay and his team blew me away. Just amazing performance. 5 stars all day long.”

Violet H.

“Excellent service and results. I do recommend them as a highly professional law office.”

Julian G.

“This firm exceeded my expectations. I was represented by Mr. David Natanzi and team and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of service that I was provided. They have decades of experience and it definitely shows. Mr. Natanzi demonstrated his passion for his field and concern about my case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Natanzi and the Jay S. Rothman firm.”

Mykhael S.

“Great people and attitudes. My experience was amazing, they actually give you the feeling that they genuinely care about the client. If you are in really in need of a caring attorney, this is your man. I KID YOU NOT!!!”

Tony R.

“Jay handled my case and closed it for much higher than I expected. He’s very experienced and does not waste time. In addition, he takes the time to personally call you rather than having his staff do it, this is rare with lawyers now and days. This guy means business and I would 10/10 recommend to anyone that’s having legal issues with their employer. Thanks again Jay!”

Maureen D.

“I needed help with my employment at Caltrans. Jeff neiderman took the situation seriously and stood by me. I will happily endorse Jay Rothman as a firm that will take you seriously too.”

Julie S.

“Jay Rothman and his team, especially David Natanzi, were so incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and always very forthcoming with information and options. We were so pleased with every aspect of how our case was choreographed which ultimately lead us to a very favorable result. We would definitely recommend to our friends and family.”

Veronica H.

“I recently had my case settled by Mr. Jay Rothman and although I wasn’t able to take it as far as trial to collect punitive damages from my ex-employer, I must say I am satisfied with the outcome of my case. Mr. Rothman was able to get a fair settlement and of course he needed to collect his retainer fee just like any other attorney, on the contract it clearly states his fee and percentage to collect and the additional court fees among other fees. I am thankful to Mr. Rothman & to his Associates for all the help and I am glad that I am able to get my life back together and move on.”

Eileen L.

“Jay S. Rothman and Associates have been great. They helped me with my legal case. They worked very hard and fast to win my case. I recommend them to whoever is in need of legal help.”

Rukia Y.

“Mr. Rothman is amazing. He is a truly outstanding lawyer who really cares about people. He went above and beyond to help me, and I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him. 10/10. Personable. Great communication. Compassionate and empathetic. You’re lucky if you get to work with him!!!”

John A.

“Amazing firm in representing me in my litigation with results far exceeding my expectation!! Jeff Neiderman was extremely professional, responsive, and got results!! I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize them again in the future or refer family or friends to Jeff!!”

Julian G.

“This firm exceeded my expectations. I was represented by Mr. David Natanzi and team and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of service that I was provided. They have decades of experience and it definitely shows. Mr. Natanzi demonstrated his passion for his field and concern about my case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Natanzi and the Jay S. Rothman firm.”

Jr P.

“IF YOU WANT JUSTICE, CALL JAY ROTHMAN’S OFFICE NOW!!! I came to these folks more than two years ago on an ADA discrimination case. They were completely upfront regarding fees and costs. You just have to read the papers. The fee is certainly quite fair for the service rendered. *** Be aware that if you don’t document what you’re going through, you will not likely have a case!!! Call early if you suspect you have a case, and they will walk you through what is actionable and what documentation you should be gathering. Mr. David Natanzi was kind enough to take my case after an initial review with Mr. Rothman. Their paralegal Team is second to none with insightful assistance during discovery and a tight focus on what it takes to make your case. Throughout this process which brought enormous physical and emotional pain, Mr. Natanzi was supportive, patient, compassionate and very passionate about doing what is RIGHT, not what is easy. He never hesitated to write or call anyone and was quite literally by my side throughout three grueling days for my deposition. Further, he stayed on top of every detail and took the time to answer all my questions completely and with kindness, even ones I’m certain he’s answered hundreds of times before. Me. Natanzi is so good at his work and so passionate that he was able to anticipate any potential weaknesses in our case due to my lack of documentation or incorrect wording and shore them up ahead of time. During negotiations, they never gave an inch and drove the defendant into a corner where there was no choice to but to settle for far, far more than was initially offered. Short version: I’ll never be able to thank the Team at Jay S. Rothman and Associates adequately. They made a tremendous difference in my life and I’m certain they can do the same for you.”

Lauri S.
3 years ago

“The BEST. If you are looking for someone who is actively involved in your case, professional and worthy of devouring any poor soul on the opposite side of the deposition table, here’s your man. Never have I known a more dedicated, attentive, and sharp professional as Jay Rothman and you’re lucky if he’ll take your case. Highly recommend.”

Sara M.

“This firm is amazing! I had David as my attorney, and he was so attentive and responsive. He was always available to answer my questions and was very knowledgeable about the law. I would totally recommend this law firm to anyone looking to hire an employment lawyer. Make sure to ask for David!”

T M.

“I was very happy with Jay, and the entire staff. They are always available. Very kind and understanding with my employment situation. Highly recommend Jay. You’ll be very happy having him on your side.”

Gabby E.

“I am glad to have found these guys. I had a free consultation with Timothy Kearns and he was very informative and clear when it came to understanding my situation. And has given be a better perspective of my rights for the future. He gave me insight on things I could of done before hand. I’m glad I spoke to such a professional that CARES and that focuses on employment cases.”

W S.

“Jay S Rothman is awesome. Went to him with my case and he told me my case would be in court 6 months to a year and we had the case settled out of court within 7 months. I was very happy with the outcome.”

Nancy V.

“I truly appreciate Mr. Rothman and Attorney Ken Myer for believing I had a case when other attorneys didn’t. Ken represented me well, was supportive, assertive and committed. I was very happy with the compensation for my wrongful termination case. Thank you so much for all your help.”