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Know Your Rights Regarding Wages And Hours Worked

If you are involved in a wage and hour dispute with your employer, do not hesitate to retain the guidance and knowledge of an experienced wage and hour disputes attorney. It is important to trust your case to a legal advocate who can aggressively stand up for your rights and is not afraid to take on even the largest companies and businesses.We have an extensive understanding of the labor codes and employment laws that govern the way employers treat employees. Our firm confidently represents clients who have experienced the below-listed wage and hour issues:
  • Not paid the appropriate overtime
  • Misclassified as exempt employees when they are actually non-exempt
  • Not being given meal breaks
  • Asked to forge records regarding breaks
  • Compelled to work after hours, on their own time, off the clock
  • Taxes are not being withheld from paychecks

For comprehensive wage and hour disputes representation in Southern California and across the San Fernando Valley, turn to our lawyers and staff at the office of Jay S. Rothman & Associates. We have over 50 years of experience with California labor laws and with handling wage and hour disputes, and utilize this experience throughout the course of seeking a resolution to your case.

Contact Jay S. Rothman & Associates to discuss your rights under the wage and hour law. Call 855-239-0102 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.A free initial consultation is offered along with flexible appointment times to accommodate your work schedule. Costs advanced – no recovery, no fee.