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Keep meticulous records when you air grievances

On behalf of Jay S. Rothman & Associates posted in retaliation on Monday, May 28, 2018.

At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we spend most of our time defending our clients from the discrimination and abuse they are subjected to by those more powerful than themselves. We often find the process goes much more smoothly when we work with clients who have kept track of each injustice.

A client’s record-keeping habit often gives us an immense advantage in a California work retaliation or discrimination case. The earlier you start keeping track of communications with your employer, the higher chance you would have of catching something that could support your claims of a pattern of unjust workplace behavior. Unfortunately, having evidence of one incident is not always enough to pursue legal action to fruition.

One thing we often find helpful is when our clients use official channels while contacting their employers, especially in the case that they make a comment or concern they believe could cause friction in the relationship. This often exposes the communication to a group of people.

If you use a work email account, it could be in your best interest to forward email threads to your personal account to preserve the integrity of your records. Similarly, if you use a phone or computer provided by your employer, it could be a good idea to make sure all necessary information is accessible from your personal devices. Of course, please keep in mind all confidentiality concerns you and your employer might have when copying data.

As attorneys, we are hard-wired to organize our documents: It is typically the best way to present a coherent argument. You could also benefit in the same way from keeping track of any correspondence you have with your employer, ideally while maintaining a backup copy on a device or an internet account to which you alone have access privileges. Please check our legal site for more information.