How do you know how much overtime you are owed?

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How do you know how much overtime you are owed?

California employees might use many different methods to prove that they were working during certain hours, but you might not have the opportunity to use some of the more effective options should you find yourself already embroiled in a wage and hour dispute. Any overtime your employer might owe you would probably depend on:

  • Total hours you work per week
  • Hours per day or shift
  • Number of days per week you work

Some cases of unpaid overtime are relatively straightforward, but the rules have the potential to become complicated quickly. It is important to keep track of your hours. This might, in certain cases, preclude the necessity to go to trial, therefore avoiding costly court fees and maximizing any recompense you might receive from your employer.

You could use any number of methods to substantiate a claim that you have not obtained adequate pay. For example, you could show pay stubs with excessive hours and no overtime as required by California law. For your reference, FindLaw states that you are entitled to time-and-a-half pay for:

  • Hours over eight each day
  • An excess of 40 hours each week
  • The first full 8-hour shift on the seventh day worked in a week

Furthermore, you should be paid double for even more excessive overtime. Some employees are exempt from these rules, meaning that overtime might not apply to you. However, your employer might have classified you as exempt without any basis, so it could benefit you to investigate your status. Please do not take anything in this article as legal advice. It is meant only as introductory information.