How can I gather evidence of sexual harassment?

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If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you will want to gather evidence to prove your case.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission explains sexual harassment includes any type of actions that make you uncomfortable because they relate to sex or your gender. Another characteristic is it needs to be an ongoing issue. A one-time incident does not constitute harassment under the law. Because this will be a situation that continues for some time, you can gather evidence of each event.

Take notes

One thing you should do is keep a written log of when the harassing actions occur. Make sure you note the date and time and give some details about what happened. You also want to jot down witnesses to the situation and note if you reported it and to who. If you have cameras in your workplace that might have caught the incidents, note that as well.


If possible, you should gather witness information about each incident. Having other people back up your claims will really help you. Just be aware that in some cases, people may not want to get involved. They may worry they could lose their job or face other retaliation despite having legal protection against that. But there is little you can do when people refuse to help.

Remember that you need to establish a pattern of behavior, so you will want to have multiple incidents before you have enough evidence to prove sexual harassment occurred. Keeping detailed logs and gathering witness accounts can help establish what happened and when it happened to allow you to seek help under the law.