What are the signs of sexual harassment?

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Your job is important, and you may enjoy performing it most of the time. When something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable around another person at work, it may change all of that. Is there something you can do about it?

Sexual harassment can occur in ways that are not so obvious. Get a handle on some indicators that you have become a target and victim.

Were you pursued on or off the job?

Sexual harassment can happen on or off the clock. In this digital age, you may find yourself dealing with someone who insists on keeping up with you at all hours of the day and night. When a coworker comments on pictures or activities and those remarks make you uncomfortable, you may want to speak to someone in HR.

Do they always share your space?

When someone stands too close, you may feel uncomfortable. Usually, a step back or to the side may rectify the situation, and the person may apologize if the action is innocent. However, someone who insists on standing close or even touching you is invading your space on purpose.

Are there comments or jokes around the office?

Sexual harassment may come in the form of off-color jokes that the teller may claim are innocent and fun. The coworker making these comments may intend to get a reaction from you, especially if the content becomes sexual. If you find yourself always walking into these situations, you may want to report directly to your representative for assistance.

There are many forms of sexual harassment on the job. If you feel like something is inappropriate, you should pursue action to make it stop.