Statistics shed light on discrimination charges

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Whether you face mistreatment due to your religious views, racial background, age or sex, illegal discrimination takes many different forms in the workplace. It is imperative to immediately recognize and address any unlawful violations of your rights as an employee. Moreover, you should go over statistics on discrimination in order to recognize how widespread these violations are and some of the most common reasons why employees file charges.

It is also important for employers to review this data and take steps to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Looking at data on workplace discrimination

According to information published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC saw more than 61,300 charge filings during fiscal year 2021 (this figure excludes charges filed at the local and state levels). Many workers filed charges as a result of retaliation, and more than 22,800 filed charges due to disability discrimination.

Racial discrimination accounted for over 20,900 charge filings in fiscal year 2021, and more than 18,700 charge filings involved sex discrimination.

Addressing illegal discrimination at work

If you experience any type of illegal discrimination, you need to explore your options immediately. If you decide to file charges, you should understand that there are time limits in place, so you should not procrastinate. Carefully go over the details surrounding the incident(s) and hold your employer accountable.

Unfortunately, discrimination continues to happen far too often. If you experience illegal discrimination, you could face various setbacks at work, financial challenges and even the loss of your job. Make sure you gather evidence and move forward with discrimination charges carefully.