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Los Angeles Medical Condition Discrimination Lawyers

Employee Rights Litigation For Los Angeles County And The San Fernando Valley

Under most circumstances, your medical condition should have no bearing on whether an employer decides to hire you, promote you or fire you from your job. Discrimination based on medical conditions is a violation of your civil rights.

If you work for an employer in Southern California and have suffered harassment, the pressure to quit or been fired due to the revelation or onset of a medical condition, call the employment discrimination law offices of Jay S. Rothman & Associates. From offices in Woodland Hills, our lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients in communities throughout Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. If you feel your workplace rights may have been violated, call 855-239-0102 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles medical condition discrimination attorney today.

When You Were Diagnosed With a Serious Illness, You Didn’t Lose Your Rights

Our litigation professionals have more than 50 combined years of experience protecting the rights of workers. The law is very clear about medical conditions such as HIV, cancer or other long-term illnesses. Under certain conditions, your employer may be required by law to provide reasonable accommodations for your medical situation.

Cancer discrimination, HIV, and genetic discrimination: We hold business accountable for protecting the rights and privacy of their workers.

San Fernando Valley HIV And AIDS Discrimination Attorneys

Get the legal help you need to protect your employee rights. Call 855-239-0102. You may also use our contact form to submit an email regarding your case. We offer a free consultation, and we advance all costs of investigating, preparing and litigating your case.