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Los Angeles Hostile Work Environment Lawyers

Employee Rights Litigation For Los Angeles County And The San Fernando Valley

Being a minority, a woman, GLBT, a member of a religious group, or just plain different, doesn’t mean you deserve to go to work in a hostile environment every day. Civil rights were put in place to protect everyone from discrimination everywhere, including on the job.

The United Supreme Court has ruled that harassment is a form of discrimination. If you are facing harassment at your workplace in Southern California, call the law offices of Jay S. Rothman & Associates. From offices in Woodland Hills, our lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients in communities throughout Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. If you feel your workplace rights may have been violated, call 855-239-0102 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney today.

We are one of the region’s preeminent names in employment discrimination litigation. Attorney Jay Rothman and his team bring together more than 50 years of experience in all areas of litigation involving:

When Do Jokes And Playful Behavior Cross The Line To A Hostile Work Place?

Many employers and supervisory employees are surprised to learn that a harassment complaint has been filed against them by an employee. As friendships develop in the workplace, it is not uncommon for barbs and jokes to be traded among employees. However, when innuendos, playful touches and inappropriate language make you feel uncomfortable, it is time to talk to your supervisor. If you are not taken seriously, schedule an appointment with your human resources director. If you are still not taken seriously, it is time to talk to us.

San Fernando Valley Harassment And Discrimination Attorneys

Get the legal help you need to protect your employee rights. Call 855-239-0102. You may also use our contact form to submit an email regarding your case. We offer a free consultation, and we advance all costs of investigating, preparing and litigating your case.