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Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Lawyers

Employee Rights Litigation For Los Angeles County And The San Fernando Valley

Under California law, workers injured on the job may apply for medical treatment and wage benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. By filing a claim, the injured worker forfeits the right to sue the employer for any further damages. However, when a worker files a claim, the employer’s workers’ comp insurance premiums may increase, so many employers fight back and try to deny the claim or fire the injured worker.

If you are a worker in Southern California and have suffered any kind of workplace retaliation after filing a workers’ compensation claim, call Jay S. Rothman & Associates. We are one of the pre-eminent names in employment rights litigation in the San Fernando Valley. We will aggressively work to help you protect your rights by filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

From offices in Woodland Hills, our lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients in communities throughout Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. If you feel your workplace rights have been violated, call 855-239-0102 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation retaliation attorney today.

We are not a California workers’ compensation claims service. We protect the rights of workers who have suffered employer retaliation or discrimination because they filed a lawful claim for workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ compensation wrongful termination or retaliation is illegal. You may be able to sue for compensation if you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Has your supervisor or employer warned you against filing an injury report?
  • Did your employer refuse to report your injury to the workers’ comp insurance carrier?
  • Did your employer order you to return to work prior to your doctor’s approval?
  • After you returned to work, did you get demoted or switched to an undesirable job?
  • Has your employer denied you a promotion based on your workers’ compensation claim?
  • Did your employer terminate your position while you were off work for workers’ compensation?
  • If your company had a general lay off during your recovery period away from work, did your employer deny your unemployment benefits?
  • Have you received a negative job performance review based on filing the claim?
  • Has your employer created a hostile work environment in an effort to force you to quit ?

San Fernando Valley Workers’ Compensation Discrimination Attorneys

Get the legal help you need to protect your employee rights. Call 855-239-0102. You may also use our contact form to submit an email regarding your case. We offer a free consultation, and we advance all costs of investigating, preparing and litigating your case.