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Fighting Against Discrimination Based On Gender, Sexual Orientation Or Pregnancy

Work environments have come a long way in accepting people for who they are and rewarding workers based on skill level and job performance. However, workplace discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation still occurs at an alarming rate.
Jay S. Rothman & Associates protects the rights of Southern California workers who face bias regarding hiring, promotion or pay. Under the direction of attorney Jay Rothman, our team brings together more than five decades of experience in all areas of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, as well as sexual harassment.

Identifying Gender And Sexual Discrimination

Federal and state laws prohibit discriminating against an employee based on sex or gender identification. This includes laws prohibiting paying employees of the opposite sex different wages for substantially similar work. These laws protect individuals from discrimination involving:

  • Hiring practices
  • Job training
  • Promotions
  • Pay and benefits
  • Termination

Some acts of discriminatory behavior on the part of an employer are blatant, while others are more subtle and difficult to determine if a law has actually been broken. An employee must show that a practice has a significantly discriminatory impact. Consulting with a knowledgeable employment law attorney like those at Jay S. Rothman & Associates is an important step if you feel you are being subjected to workplace discrimination or sexual harassment.

Our Approach

When you hire us to protect your workplace rights, we will keep you fully informed about the progress of your case. We are tough negotiators and will keep you educated about your options. When it comes time to make a decision about a resolution or settlement, you remain in control of the outcome.

Same-Sex Orientation

Just as it is illegal for men to harass or discriminate against women in the workplace, it is also illegal to discriminate based on a person’s sexual orientation. We are strong protectors of workplace rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees. If you feel you are being treated unfairly because of your sexual orientation, call us to discuss your legal options.

Experienced San Fernando Valley Sex Discrimination Attorneys

Get the legal help you need to protect your employee rights. Call 855-239-0102. You may also use our contact form to submit an email regarding your case. We offer a free consultation, and we advance all costs of investigating, preparing and litigating your case.

We provide legal advice and representation for clients in communities throughout Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California from our office in Woodland Hills.