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April 2018 Archives

When should you expect your final paycheck?

Moving on from your current job can be the gateway toward a new career, a new job, or perhaps a long awaited retirement. So when you walk out the door from your current workplace, you want your last earnings to quickly follow you. If you find your last paycheck is being delayed, you should know that California law is very clear. Once you leave your job, you are supposed to get your final payment in a very quick and timely manner.

How do you know if you are the victim of workplace retaliation?

You are going to work with a higher-than-usual anticipation of the workday because you are expecting your quarterly performance evaluation. As a recent hire, you are excited to see if you have been able to effectively showcase your career strengths in your brief time in your new position in California. However, upon getting to work and receiving the envelope containing your evaluation, you are surprised to find a rather low score with several behavioral suggestions that do not seem to describe your actions. Have you been the victim of workplace retaliation?

#MeToo hopes to make changes in restaurant industry

For decades, the restaurant industry has been a bastion for sexual harassment, sexism and workplace bullying. Many who work in the restaurant industry are women, immigrants, and, in some cases, undocumented immigrants, who may feel powerless in confrontations with crude and offensive co-workers, customers and managers.

Can I be fired because of my family’s genetic history?

Imagine a scenario where a California employee is suddenly approached by a supervisor. It turns out the employee’s genetic history has been discovered, and the employer learned that the employee’s family contains genetics that are conducive to developing a certain form of cancer. The employee is then terminated from that workplace. If you are familiar with this kind of situation, you should also know it is illegal under federal law.

What do you do if your employer does not pay your overtime?

Few things are as disappointing and frustrating as receiving less than you expect on a paycheck. The sting is even worse if you sacrificed important time with your family or friends to work overtime. If you are lucky, then your employer might give you the money you deserve without any trouble. However, some California employers are less grateful towards their employees than others. If you happen to be working for someone who has refused to pay money that you worked hard for, you might still have some options available. 

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