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January 2019 Archives

Documents that should not be in your personnel file

If you find yourself unexpectedly fired from your job or the victim of an unfair demotion for engaging in protected activity, you have the right to view your personnel file under California law to look for documented reasons for your firing. Once you have the file, be on the lookout for documents that do not belong in there. You may find your employer has violated state or federal law by keeping the wrong documents in your personnel file.

You have the right to see your personnel file

It can be shocking and humiliating to one day be told that your services are no longer needed at your workplace. If you have conducted yourself properly and performed to the company standards, why have your superiors decided to let you go? While an employee firing may be justified, in the event it is not, you have a right to know it and to pursue legal action in California. One way to find out is to look at your personnel file.

Understanding the right to refuse dangerous work

When you go to work in the state of California, the last thing you should ever worry about is your safety. Unfortunately, there are instances where employees encounter work situations that are so perilous that their health or life could be at risk. Should you encounter such a situation, remember that your employer cannot compel you to endanger your life by taking on an unsafe task.

Sexual harassment a pervasive problem in health care

As someone who makes your living in a California hospital, medical office or similar health care setting, you may have seen for yourself just how common sexual harassment can be in your industry. You may, too, have been a victim of this type of behavior yourself, whether in medical school or at some point on the job. At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we understand that many health care settings are hotbeds for harassing behavior, and we have helped many victims of this type of treatment gain the courage to speak out against their aggressors.

Signs you may be facing age discrimination at work

If you are like many other older Americans in the work force, you may be facing a type of discrimination that will have snuck right up on you, being discriminated against because of your age. It may be hard to deal with because in your own head you may feel and think like someone in their mid-20’s, but to a boss or a hiring manager, your gray hair and wrinkles are the only thing they see.

Limits on California overtime work hours

The prospect of working overtime is not always welcomed by California workers. Some are pleased to take some overtime to help pay for extra expenses, while others dread it and wonder if they can legally stop their employer from requiring them to put in the overtime. State law does lay down some restrictions on overtime, though employers retain broad discretion in requiring it.

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