Signs of retaliation in the workplace

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Workplaces should be environments where employees feel respected, valued and treated fairly.

In some instances, employees may find themselves facing retaliation.

Sudden changes in treatment

Employees filed a total of 73,485 EEOC charges in 2022, and some of these charges had to do with retaliation. Retaliation may start as unexplained changes in employee treatment.

This treatment may include a significant shift in employees’ work environments. These include exclusion from meetings. A sudden increase in negative feedback can also signal wrongdoing. This treatment may also include isolation from their colleagues or exclusion.

Exclusion from lunch gatherings, team collaborations or other social gatherings may be retaliatory. Peers or supervisors may also withhold information from these employees. All these tactics disempower employees and hinder them from performing their jobs.

Altered job responsibilities and disciplinary actions

Employees may experience changes in their job responsibilities. They may receive heavier workloads. Employers may also remove these individuals from valuable tasks or teams. Staff members may receive write-ups, suspensions or other disciplinary measures.

Employees may receive no genuine reason for this treatment. These individuals should watch for this kind of response after they report misconduct or concerns.

Unexplained denial of opportunities and evaluations

Some employees find themselves denied opportunities without valid reasons. They may not receive career advancement opportunities. They could also experience a lack of training or professional development. This denial may hinder the individual’s growth within the organization.

Retaliatory actions often involve damaging an employee’s reputation. For example, supervisors may produce unjust performance evaluations. Employees should also watch for negative feedback without valid reasons.

Employees should look for signs of retaliation to maintaining a healthy work atmosphere.