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December 2018 Archives

When you can and cannot be fired for workplace talk

Should you be afraid of what you say in the California workplace? If you experience or witness problems that you believe are harmful to one or more workers or you even believe illegality is being conducted, you have a right to speak out against those practices and not be fired. But your capacity to complain about what goes on at your job is not limitless. It depends on what you say.

Sexual harassment victims often face termination, retaliation

According to statistics, if you count yourself among the many victims of workplace sexual harassment in California and the United States, you probably are not talking about it. Statistics also indicate that, even if you are calling attention to the unfair treatment you are receiving in your place of business, you may find yourself facing termination or retaliation in the aftermath of doing so. At the office of Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we recognize that many victims of workplace sexual harassment are reluctant to come forward, but we have helped many people do exactly that after gaining the courage to speak out.

When workplace retaliation is unintentional

Whether it is a loss of a promotion or a benefit, a harassing remark, or a transfer to a less desirable office, workers can feel angry and humiliated when subject to retaliatory behavior by a California boss. But could your boss commit retaliation for lodging a complaint against a worker without knowing it? It is possible that a superior may act punitively toward a worker unintentionally, but that does not mean that legal consequences could not result.

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