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June 2018 Archives

How common is sexual harassment?

There is little argument that sexual harassment has come to the forefront, over the past few years, of the legal and ethical discussions surrounding professional life. However, many people are still unclear as to what exactly constitutes this behavior. If you have these questions, you might find validation in knowing that the California courts are probably currently considering relevant cases at this very moment. 

How do you know how much overtime you are owed?

California employees might use many different methods to prove that they were working during certain hours, but you might not have the opportunity to use some of the more effective options should you find yourself already embroiled in a wage and hour dispute. Any overtime your employer might owe you would probably depend on:

The reason employers fire good employees

Most workers in California are at-will employees. That means that both the worker and the boss would have the power to end employment at any time. Even if an individual had a job with an employment contract, companies usually write termination clauses into the document to retain a certain level of authority. 

Why is sexual harassment so common in the restaurant industry?

For many young people across California and the nation, a restaurant or food service job is their first introduction into the working world. Regrettably, however, restaurants and hospitality businesses are often rife with sexual innuendo, commentary and unsolicited touching, and in some cases, the behavior of coworkers and supervisors crosses the line and becomes sexual harassment.

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