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September 2018 Archives

Can an independent contractor sue for wrongful termination?

If you are an independent contractor in California, it means that you are not an employee of a company but rather a consultant providing services to one or more companies on a contract basis by written or verbal agreement. As an independent contractor, you usually have a lot more freedom to work from home or create your own schedule. As a trade-off, however, you are not afforded many of the benefits that employees may enjoy, such as health insurance coverage or paid time off.

Across California, McDonald's workers stage harassment strike

Another high-profile strike recently joined the growing number of major demonstrations in the #metoo movement. People are standing up against a work culture that encourages or tolerates inappropriate touching, sexual propositions and other forms of offensive behavior. McDonald's workers in California — and all across the country — recently walked out in protest of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Your rights to reasonable accommodation for your disability

According to federal law, if you suffer from a disability, you deserve reasonable accommodation in your workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 ensures that your employer must offer ways to modify your daily position to provide the best workplace environment if you face disability.

Can employers retaliate by assigning you a bad parking spot?

Some California workplaces, in the interests of organization and efficiency, assign parking spots to their employees. You might work for a company that has assigned you a parking space that is reasonably close to the company's entrance. Then one day you are suddenly reassigned a spot all the way at the end of the lot. Your parking space seems more appropriate for a recent hire or for people who are being punished for violating company policy. But if you are neither of those, you might feel you are being retaliated against unfairly.

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