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February 2019 Archives

Understanding what may be wrongful termination

Anyone in California who has ever lost a job knows that this experience can be highly upsetting, stressful and even traumatic. The experience can be made all the worse if the employee believes the reason for their job loss was inappropriate and even illegal. For many, it can be hard to identify the often thin and blurry line between a legal termination and an illegal one but the distinction is very important to make.

When sexual harassment is denied

For sexual harassment victims, life can be difficult for various reasons. As if returning to work on a daily basis is not hard enough, some workers who have been subjected to this mistreatment face additional pressures. For example, some people may struggle with the denial of wrongdoing. An employee who has been sexually harassed may speak to a manager about the incident or file a complaint, only to find that the allegations are denied. This can be incredibly upsetting and it is pivotal for victims to firmly stand up for their rights. Filing a lawsuit may be necessary in some instances.

Be on the lookout for wage delays and tricks

You deserve to have your compensation for the work you put in paid on time. While many people in the state of California receive their wages without trouble, some workplaces, whether because of error or because an employer believes it will be more convenient for them, will delay paying their workers. There are any number of wage tricks an employer may try to pull off.

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