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October 2018 Archives

What are the wage laws for tipped employees?

The wage paid to tipped employees is a commonly discussed topic that can get heated. However, the laws in California are much different from those in other states. While many states and the federal government do not require employers to pay tipped employees at least the minimum wage, in California, the law does, according to the Department of Industrial Relations.

Exceptions to at-will employment

Where one to survey those employed in Woodland Hills (or throughout California), the general consensus of most would likely be that as long as one does not give their employer a reason to fire them, then the employer cannot. Unfortunately, California is an "at will" state. According to Section 2922 of California's Labor Code, an employment agreement may be terminated at the will of either side. While this affords employees the chance to leave a company whenever they wish, it also allows companies to fire employees without needing to give a reason. 

Interview topics that your employer cannot discuss

Employers rely on job interviews to determine whether a candidate will serve as a good fit in a company role. These initial interviews are incredibly important for both the applicant and the hiring manager, as both individuals ask questions to decide whether experience and job tasks align. Interviews sometimes allow for personal questions, but many individuals do not know that employers sometimes illegally violate employment law by delving too deep into an applicant’s protected classes.

Recognizing workplace retaliation

As someone who makes your living in California, you have certain rights, and the law allows you to assert these rights without having to fear retaliation from your employer or supervisors. Regrettably, however, retaliation is a common occurrence in many American work environments, although some workers may not immediately realize when they become victims of this type of behavior. At the office of Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we recognize that workplace retaliation can take many different forms, and we have helped many people who experienced unfair treatment on the job pursue appropriate recourse.

Sexual harassment affects men, too

While, in the media and in movies, women are frequently the targets of sexual harassment, in actuality, men across California and the nation are also common victims of such behavior in the workplace. When men accuse others of sexual harassment, however, higher-ups do not always take their allegations as seriously as those made by women, indicating that a serious double standard exists in today’s working world. At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we recognize that men, too, often fall victim to workplace sexual harassment, and we have helped many clients, both male and female, pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath of harassment.

What is a living wage?

There is a lot of talk these days about employers not paying employees enough. Many feel that employers in California are not paying enough for their employees to live on. This has brought up the idea of a living wage. According to CNBC, a living wage is how much you need to make to afford your basic living expenses.

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