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May 2018 Archives

When must overtime be paid in California?

As a California worker, your overtime pay is important to you. Not only does it compensate you for the hours you work above and beyond your normal weekly time schedule, it often means the difference between buying those little extras for yourself and your family as opposed to having to go without them. Consequently, if you discover that your paycheck is short, it throws the proverbial monkey wrench into your plans.

Keep meticulous records when you air grievances

At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we spend most of our time defending our clients from the discrimination and abuse they are subjected to by those more powerful than themselves. We often find the process goes much more smoothly when we work with clients who have kept track of each injustice.

An employer should not interfere with your meal break

Even if a workplace is on a fast-paced schedule, California law makes it clear that after five hours a worker must be provided thirty minutes of consecutive time to eat a meal. But even if a meal time is made available, an employer may attempt to squeeze some additional labor out of a worker even during meal time. This kind of coercion is forbidden by law and could entitle a worker to compensation.  

What do you do if you are fired for being too old?

You are committed to your work. You are the first one through the door and the last one to leave. Your work ethic is impressive. You are dependable, friendly and people look up to your more than 30 years of experience and wisdom. What if one day it was all gone? Your boss called you into the office to say you are being terminated. What just happened?

What is wrongful termination?

Finding a great job is wonderful. However, losing a great job is devastating. If you are in a situation where you feel you were unfairly fired by a California employer, you may wonder if you have grounds for wrongful termination. Before you start planning your lawsuit, it may be helpful to know that it is quite difficult to prove you were wrongfully terminated.

Verbal sexual harassment should not be tolerated

Recent stories of sexual harassment in Hollywood and the news business continue to shine a light on harassment problems women experience in the workplace. Federal law makes it clear that no employer should sexually harass or bully an employee. Many forms of sexual harassment are verbal in nature and although a California employee may not suffer physical harm, the emotional damage from verbal harassment can be very real.

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