What are your rights as a pregnant employee?

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Balancing family and work is a common occurrence for many women today. Countless women in California are successful employees and mothers, but unfortunately their lives are often made more difficult by their employers.

Pregnant employees in particular can be discriminated against in the workplace by their employers. It is important that all working mothers and mothers-to-be know what their rights are at work.

What does discrimination look like?

Discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms and pregnancy discrimination is no different. There are many ways your employer could be violating your rights. Your employer cannot:

  • Deny a promotion or other job opportunity
  • Forbid you to work or otherwise perform your job if you are still physically able to
  • Force you to work if you are not able to
  • Deny leave or vacation time
  • Deny health benefits or insurance (at the same level of other disabled employees or other medical conditions)
  • Fire you or otherwise dismiss you from your job

If your employer commits any of these actions due to your pregnancy, you may have cause to file a claim against your company.

What can I do about it?

Pregnant employees who face discrimination, such as any of the examples above, can take action. You can file a discrimination claim against your employer. It is wise to consult an experienced employment law attorney to help you navigate this case.

Not only is pregnancy discrimination harmful to your work experience, but it can be potentially dangerous to you and your child. If you suspect your employer is violating your rights at work, do not hesitate to take action.