What does employer retaliation look like?

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As a worker in California who has recently blown the whistle on an issue in your workplace, you may have to deal with the possibility of employer retaliation. Exactly what forms can this come in, though? What does retaliation look like?

Most people think about getting fired when they think of workplace retaliation. However, FindLaw reveals that it can be much more complex. They point out that workplace retaliation can take many different forms and doesn’t necessarily involve getting fired at all. Some retaliatory acts do involve demotion, like being knocked down to a lower level position. Others can involve barring you from rising in the ranks, like denying you promotions you would have otherwise qualified for.

Determining what is a retaliatory act can also be something of a struggle. Some instances of retaliation are very blatant, such as when an employee is let go in a way that’s obviously tied to their whistle-blowing. However, employers can easily lie about their reasons for firing an employee. Additionally, if you live in an at-will employment state, it can be hard to fight against them. This is especially true for matters that can’t easily be pinpointed as retaliatory, such as workplace sabotage.

Due to these difficulties, many people like you turn to legal help when seeking protection. Having an attorney well-versed in retaliation on your side can make a big difference. They can fight for your rights if you decide to take your case to court, and can be a valuable ally.