How does harassment manifest digitally?

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These days, harassment in the workplace persists but takes a different form than what some people may expect. As the workplace continues to turn toward digital facets, harassment often takes digital routes, too.

This goes for just about any kind of harassment. So what should individuals know about how harassment tends to manifest in modern digital work environments?

Sexual harassment through digital communication

ADP Spark talks about identifying harassment in digital workplaces. First, it is important to know how digital workplace harassment manifests.

Typically, sexual harassment will manifest through inappropriate communication via private or public workplace channels. This can include sexual remarks, requests for sexual favors, or other inappropriate comments.

In some situations, a person may even use the video or image sharing functions to sexually harass a fellow worker. They may expose themselves on camera during a live video feed. They might send sexually explicit photos through private or direct messages.

There is also the possibility for someone to ruin the workplace flow and environment by spreading salacious rumors about an employee and their sexual conduct, preferences or sex life in general.

Penalties for harassing behaviors

As with sexual harassment in face-to-face workplace environments, none of these behaviors are acceptable. The penalty remains just as strict and harsh for people who perpetrate such crimes in a digital workplace, including suspension or even job loss.

Thus, everyone should take conduct in digital workplace environments seriously, as actions taken and words spoken still fall under the jurisdiction of the usual legal workings of a place of employment.