Discrimination based on an applicant’s marital status

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In the workplace, you could experience discrimination for a number of reasons. While many employees recognize their rights with respect to mistreatment based on their age, sex, religious views or disability, some do not understand that the law covers other types of discrimination. For example, inquiries about your marital status during the job application process could constitute unlawful discrimination.

It is essential to take a close look at your rights and if you believe that discrimination has impacted you firsthand, do not remain silent.

Looking at marital status discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses marital status discrimination, and these cases sometimes violate the law when they deny or restrict an applicant’s employment opportunities. For example, an employer cannot single out women and inquire about their marital status, the number of kids they have, the age of their children and their pregnancy status during the application process.

In some instances, employers ask these questions to single out job applicants in a discriminatory manner. Regrettably, this causes some qualified applicants to miss out on opportunities.

Inquiring about the marital status of employees

Sometimes, employers can ask about an employee’s marital status or children after the employee accepts a job offer. For example, such questions may not violate the law if an employer needs more information for insurance or for another valid reason.

If you believe that a prospective employer discriminated against you while you tried to land a position, you need to obtain as much evidence as you can. Marital status discrimination can make life challenging for victims, and those who violate the law should face consequences.