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When sexual harassment is denied

For sexual harassment victims, life can be difficult for various reasons. As if returning to work on a daily basis is not hard enough, some workers who have been subjected to this mistreatment face additional pressures. For example, some people may struggle with the denial of wrongdoing. An employee who has been sexually harassed may speak to a manager about the incident or file a complaint, only to find that the allegations are denied. This can be incredibly upsetting and it is pivotal for victims to firmly stand up for their rights. Filing a lawsuit may be necessary in some instances.

Sexual harassment a pervasive problem in health care

As someone who makes your living in a California hospital, medical office or similar health care setting, you may have seen for yourself just how common sexual harassment can be in your industry. You may, too, have been a victim of this type of behavior yourself, whether in medical school or at some point on the job. At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we understand that many health care settings are hotbeds for harassing behavior, and we have helped many victims of this type of treatment gain the courage to speak out against their aggressors.

Sexual harassment victims often face termination, retaliation

According to statistics, if you count yourself among the many victims of workplace sexual harassment in California and the United States, you probably are not talking about it. Statistics also indicate that, even if you are calling attention to the unfair treatment you are receiving in your place of business, you may find yourself facing termination or retaliation in the aftermath of doing so. At the office of Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we recognize that many victims of workplace sexual harassment are reluctant to come forward, but we have helped many people do exactly that after gaining the courage to speak out.

What are the two types of workplace sexual harassment?

Many workers in California have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. If you are one of these workers, you may not understand what type of harassment took place or what legal recourse is available to you. Perhaps you are under the mistaken impression that the law only protects you from harassment by an employer or a superior. This is not true. According to FindLaw, there are laws in place to protect you from sexual harassment in the workplace regardless of whether the harassment comes from a co-worker or a superior.

Sexual harassment affects men, too

While, in the media and in movies, women are frequently the targets of sexual harassment, in actuality, men across California and the nation are also common victims of such behavior in the workplace. When men accuse others of sexual harassment, however, higher-ups do not always take their allegations as seriously as those made by women, indicating that a serious double standard exists in today’s working world. At Jay S. Rothman & Associates, we recognize that men, too, often fall victim to workplace sexual harassment, and we have helped many clients, both male and female, pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath of harassment.

Across California, McDonald's workers stage harassment strike

Another high-profile strike recently joined the growing number of major demonstrations in the #metoo movement. People are standing up against a work culture that encourages or tolerates inappropriate touching, sexual propositions and other forms of offensive behavior. McDonald's workers in California — and all across the country — recently walked out in protest of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

How workplaces should handle inappropriate workplace attire

Some California workplaces have dress codes that dictate employees maintain a certain level of professionalism in their style of dress. However, sometimes a worker might wear clothing that management considers too revealing or otherwise unprofessional. If you are someone who has been addressed by superiors on the question of your clothing, be aware that they have the obligation to treat your professionally as they discuss the matter and should not make you uncomfortable.

Can men be victims of sexual harassment?

When you generally think of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace, you may envision men making inappropriate comments or gestures toward their women coworkers or employees. However, a greater number of men are coming forward as victims of sexual harassment at work. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, men accounted for 11 percent of all sexual harassment claims in 1997. That number has increased to 16.3 percent and some say is low, due to the fact that men who are being harassed are often hesitant to come forward with this information.

How common is sexual harassment?

There is little argument that sexual harassment has come to the forefront, over the past few years, of the legal and ethical discussions surrounding professional life. However, many people are still unclear as to what exactly constitutes this behavior. If you have these questions, you might find validation in knowing that the California courts are probably currently considering relevant cases at this very moment. 

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